Friday, January 3, 2014

UPDATE--Told Ya so ...Acolytes of Global Warming, get stuck in the Ice in summer at the South Pole..


I wonder if the devotee of that Junk Science called Global Warming/Climate change will now return home, with a few more open eyes.
I myself doubt that any of these close minded People will do any such thing as re-consider their assumptions on Climate change. They will not readjust Their lauded position in academia, because if they were to do such a thing as be truthful about Their mistake reddened science,  they would jeopardize Their funding. We can’t have these snake oil Scientist being de-funded, I mean what would they do if the World found them out. These People that have built Their careers on snake Oil Science would become the laughing stocks of Their respected departments and find Themselves jobless…
These scammers will probably run home and furiously write papers, proving that the Ice being more than expected, is somehow an empirical fact proving that Global Warming/Climate change is indeed occurring and that They need more money to combat its progress.
I find it interestingly amusing to see these fools run about and readjust Their proclamations about Their prophecy of the Global Warming disaster. Every time Nature slaps These Know it All scammers in the Face, they recoil, ignore the Facts that present themselves and Then conflate jumble up and spit out a refashioned model of Global Warming that now includes these events. Never mind that everything they have said has been proven inaccurate, never mind that they dance around reality, These People are the most self deluded People that I believe History has ever been afflicted with….
According to these Nit Wits, if it snows, doesn’t snow, rains, doesn’t rain, tornadoes happens and tornadoes don’t happen, a Fly farts or doesn't fart, ever thing is because of Global Warming, so why would any massive Ice Growth in the middle of Summer slow these Fools down one bit, if a period of Cold is happening, which it is, then according to their Stone Soup Science, only goes to prove that these self deluded Idiots are correct.
I think that this type of self-delusion is only achievable with this much finesses, makes one preclude that these Wonderfully Insane People have to be psychopathic in Nature. They don’t just think They’re lying, they believe they are Right and that’s as scary & dangerous as the Fools burning People for saying the Earth is round and the Earth revolves around the Sun, the only difference this time, is They with Their crazy Ideas will and are, spreading death and misery with Their religious devotions to a Junk Science.
UPDATE this is the Told Ya so I predicted  → Oh Brother… Climate Scientist Claims Global Warming Caused Them to Get Stuck in Antarctic Ice

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stand with Phil Robertson petition workaround Link

Stand with Phil petition workaround Link...
Since Twitter and Facebook are dong this best for the NAZI's, like any good lap dog of any Oppressive regime would do, I decided to try ad post the link here as a mirror for a quick work around from Twitter and Facebook blocking this info from reaching the American People...

If you want to sign a petition showing your support for Phil Robertson then go here....
and if they block this from showing up then here is the link compressed, hopefully the both of them will work...

And here is a Text link to sing the petition by Cell →
   cell or Text ISTAND to +19198000751 to sign or Text ISTANDWITHPHIL to +19198000751 to sign

All Free thinking American are coming together from both sides to push back against the tyrannical wave that is sweeping this Nation and those in certain positions of the media will not allow Our Voices to be heard.

The Real Left is stepping up to show Their support for this Man, because they know that if any American can be silenced on issues they hold dear, then so can they when the Wheel turns and they are not holding Power or popularity any longer. 

They know to stand and hold the line for this Man, who holds an opposing view to Theirs is one of the Most American things any American can do for another American… It is Our Duty to protect all speech, for when We protect All speech from censorship, then and only then can We truly claim Ourselves a Free Nation with Free People and Freedom for All…

make this go viral…..