Saturday, December 20, 2014

Where have I been..

I apologize for not being here recently, I have had some health and some Family Health issues as well as launching my own home based website and company, but I assure You that I am still involved and burning what's left of my candle at both ends... :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The name Palestine: Fake Nation or something else

This is "funny" and very True, but I seem to be the only one that knows that my ROMAN ancestors named that whole region Palaestina, which mean that even the Jews/Israelis are "Palestinian" native residents of the ancient Slave Provence of Palaestina, so what's all the fighting about(←slight Joke).. The World would be a better place if more People read History...

Rome set up:
The Provinces of Palestina:
Palaestina Prima
Palaestina Secunda

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frank Sinatra was sitting back stage one time

Frank Sinatra was sitting back stage one time, waiting to go out and sing.. TRUE Story BTW....
Anyway, the show was going to be delayed for about 45 mins, something to do with the lighting not working.. The Stage Manager saw Sinatra standing there and He told Sinatra, its going to be awhile you should just sit down and relax.
Sinatra said something to him, that almost no one today believes in, from Actors to Athletes and Politician....
Frank said,"No I can't sit down, I will put wrinkles in this suit and the audience deserves better and I honor Them, more than I do my own needs. They spent the time to come see Me, they spent the money, they made the effort to see me. They expect Me to be what They need and paid for, so nope I'll stand for however long it takes, I will stand. "

Now just image what a World it would be, if the Politicians, the Musicians, the Athletes, the Actors and All of the Other People We trust in this World, with Our Voices, Our money and Our well being, just began to act like Mr Frank Sinatra did in his interactions with the World...

Now go ahead, call me clueless, a dreamer, a Fool, but if being a Fool is what I and Frank Sinatra are, then 2 Fools We are.....

I respect the Public even when though I am "a Nobody" and as I have said this time and time again, be the change you want to see in the World, treat Others the way You want to be treated and to Hell if they do not show you the same, don't change on their account, just remember who they are and lesson learned, stay away from them... 

(PS I'd make such a terrible radio Host or Politician, now wouldn't I....)
(PPS I once heard Paul Stanley of Kiss make a similar statement about not abusing the Public, he's a good guy as well)

Election Day thought→ BTW just a comment on something I see as very laughable and very Sad..

BTW just a comment on something I see as very laughable and very Sad...
I see that in a far away land (The Other side of the USA), someone is running for Office again, bet no one voting for Him ever listened to the Federal wire tap recoding of this Person,that landed him in Federal Prison, like I have...
But all of that aside, I began to think... I bet the People Who were to young to vote for this guy are happy to now be afforded the opportunity to vote for this Guy as Their parents before Them did, why becasue its "Cool" and he's this Guy.

I will bet that 99% of the People picking this guy can't say that at the age of 7, yeah I was 7, that at the age of 7 went Door to Door, with My Brother and Sister, to campaign for this Guy.. Bet none of You know as much about Him as My Family or I do and I will say no more about that part of Our Life's involvement with this GUY...
But You will gladly pick Him and that's fine....

I was thinking, Wow what a statement about the People of Rhode Island, they are so desperate to Elect a Felon becasue there is not one person in 40YRS, to rise up among them or  that has shown up to "volunteer" for Elected Office to Lead the People. Not one person better than this Felon. I wonder what They will do when He passes away from Old age or gets so old that Alzheimer's will begin to show up and He's unable to perform His duties..

Ok, so with Harvard, Providence College, Brown and the Other 10,000 Colleges (a joke becasue there are 100's of University's and Colleges surrounding small RI) around there, there's not one Honest Servant of the People among the Millions, not one Person worth Their salt, Not one Person in 40Yrs for the People to have as a viable option to Elect, they have to choose between crap sandwich phonies and a Geriatric Felon to Lead them and they then wonder why Their Lives are Full of incompetence and High Taxes and Theft of Public Money and Trust..

Me I like the Guy, but He's got issues. I'll bet some Douche named "Junior this" or Kennedy that, will eventually show up and begin another 40yrs of getting into trouble and being elected, over and over and over and over and over.... And the People of Rhode Island will not stop and say, why isn't there a better choice, why don't I try to run, nope, Football is on and who's the Guy I know, ok, I'll pick him, so I can complain later when its cool to not like Him or Her.

And People wonder why I have the Political Views I do... Its like listening to the excuses from habitual Addicts and then going on to enabling them to continue a life long disaster, watching them and their destructive behavior, over and over and over.. Me I say, stop it, I am not an enabler, so Piss Off You twit....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Anarchy in the US Federal Court System- Alive & doing Well

Excerpt from Cases the Supreme Court had to hear since October 5th till June 2015

“Gay marriage: Both sides want the justices to settle the question of whether same-sex couples have the same right to marry as heterosexuals under the Constitution. A court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage would grant marriage rights to same-sex couples in all 50 states, up from 19 states and the District of Columbia. A decision in favor of state marriage bans would allow states to continue setting the rules on whether to allow same-sex couples to wed.”

They did decide to go with this → → A decision in favor of state marriage bans would allow states to continue setting the rules on whether to allow same-sex couples to wed.”

And since then, the Federal Judges have been inflicting their views in violation of the Courts ruling to strike down State Amendments.. This is why I said, how do they get away with this, being that They do not have the jurisdiction according to the Highest Court in the Nation????
This happened since the Ruling, 3 States have been told to Marry Gay People, even Though the States have Amendments protecting/defining marriage which excluded Gay People from Marriage, but the Judges, who do not have the Legal Jurisdiction have just “Done it”/ They said this is so and so what the Law is, do it..

I hope People see how Anarchy will rise as even the Courts no longer adhere to the principles of Public Trust/fiduciary obligations regarding following the laws as the Laws are… If People do not like the Laws of a State and the State is not in Conflict with the US Constitution, then that States even according to the Supreme Court are out of the Federal Court Jurisdiction.

This is not a good trend, I hope People understand this, but I know they do not care.. They will when this “Trend” turns its eye on Them..

PS. When Federal Judges suspended the Protection Of Marriage Laws till the Cases reached the Supreme Court, in Law, those suspensions and prohibitions stopping the Laws after the decision are now in Full effect and are indeed Law, but no one is paying attention..
We are Doomed !!!

PPS - If the Federal Judges somehow have the Authority/Jurisdiction to impose their views upon a State not in conflict with the US Constitution and even when he Highest Court in the Land says, ah no you don't have the Authority/Jurisdiction , then why did We have a Civil War. Federal Judges could have just said,"Slavery is over" and that would be that, Slavery ended..Right !!