Sunday, August 17, 2014

FL Dad Charged with Assaulting Cops, Here's what Really Happened!

From Mr. Sherman, a resident of #MarionCounty, #Florida:
"On 5-18-14 I received a call from my 22 year old autistic son. So I immediately got in my truck and went to where my son was being ticketed. As I drove up on the right hand side of the road adjacent to my son's car, I did not leave my vehicle, I kept it running. The officer turned around and asked "can I help you?" I said "I'm his father." The officer yelled at me to leave the premises. I stated "I'm his father, and just wanted to tell you he's autistic." He turned around and said, "Leave or you'll be arrested!" He started walking towards me and said "you're under arrest." I said, "for what?", I kept saying over and over all I wanted to do was tell you he's autistic. He just replied, "you're under arrest." But I was sure I hadn't broken any laws. This was when I said, "no I'm not under arrest, I haven't done anything." I was still sitting in my truck with the door closed when another officer drove up. The other officer opened my passenger door and proceeded to climb in and push me out. As I came out, I was standing in front of the officer, and he grabbed me and tried to throw me on the ground. When I didn't fall down he tased me (and I have heart trouble). I went down on my knees, then both officers jumped on me and slammed me into the pavement. They handcuffed me laying on the ground and put the taser to my lower spine and tased me four more times. I was put in the police car and taken to jail, where I posted bond."

*** ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK (2) Please Contact the STATE ATTORNEY NOW & tell them to drop Roy Sherman's charges! CALL Brad King, 5th Judicial Circuit: 352-671-5800 & EMAIL (reference case # 42-2014-MM-3929-A)

Roy L. Sherman is facing 3 criminal charges for allegedly "assaulting a police officer & resisting arrest".

You can also file a complaint with the State Prosecutor: (Officer involved is FRANCO PORCELLI - Badge 5505)
-- #FloridaCopWatch
— with Florida CopWatch and Fla Ctivist at Marion County Sheriff's Office.
I am so sick of this stuff from Cops, they act like High School Bullies and not like Wise Uncles or Fathers.  Maybe less of this reactionary assaulting of Peaceful People by Police would happen less, if they sopped hiring scared little Boys...
And I have seen this garbage from Cops before, they start hitting a person and saying, loudly, "Stop Resisting".. The only thing this guy and many Other People are or might be guilty of is "Non Compliance" with an order from an Officer and in many instances, those orders are not valid. That's why rational, average, harmless People don't comply with their ridiculous orders...
And many of You do not know this, but today's Cops are not educated to deescalate a situation, they are told to "Double up" or to "Puff Up", to intimidate a person into complying. Now is this what We really want, a bunch of thug, that believe themselves above the Law to then push People around, Illegally and when a Rational Person is under the assumption that this Cops is reasonable, the Cop then doubles up to escalate to violence as fast as He can.. ?????

But again, who cares....

The government is a reflection of its People...And there is nowhere to go, there is not one place on Earth like it is here..You'd be very surprised to know that..Some places, the words you use in public can get you arrested because "It made someone feel bad"... I am not joking...Other places will not Allow you to move there unless you promise never to be destitute and have, not joke, at least 1 million US in the bank...... Some places its a felony to buy a sling shot, can you believe that, An American that moved to Australia told me the Feds showed up to arrest & deport him for, the importation of and illegally prohibited weapon. What made it an illegally prohibited weapon was the sling shot had a wrist guard on it.. Yeah no Joke.. So my suggestion like always is start here, start to take back it all, from the ground up, from the PTA to City Hall, then the State level Offices then the Congress and then the White House..There is not one person or one group that is the magic fix or silver bullet to Our problems...
When Mom's and Dad's know exactly who and what is being taught to Their children; the Laws slapped on the Children to silence Them from telling Their Parents who talked to them, when Parents reconnect to these basic things and they know less about who got traded to what team and who's playing where, then and only then, will it begin to change.

People desire and seek pleasure, Sports, music, tv, celb gossip, drugs and the like, more than the basics of a Civil Life, being an Adult is boring and sucks. And those in charge wil gladly lie to Your face, while they set things up for their Family which trust Me are totally involved and look at you as a wasteful thing, in Their way, if this wasn't true you would be contributing to Society and stopping Them, but You don't so They push and Push and You get frightened and snap into ADD mode "Heah, ah, yeah, My Team is gonna, blah blah"..
But again, who cares....

(written hastily and I do not care about being accurate anymore, no one reads, so I don't care)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

These Cops need to be reminded their place in Our Society


Its the Law Everywhere.... These Cops need to be put in their place.. The courts up to the Supreme Court have said We the People have the Right to record Cops... They are over the edge, way the Hell out of Line.... BTW a week ago I tried to tape them going overboard on a neighbor and guess what, my Android locked up. But My Kodak didn't...
And the raid looked like the Military I am not exaggerating or embellishing...
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Now the instant.. The very Instant he assaulted that Woman he is now trespassing and committing coercion under color of authority...

The more We allow this abuse the more they will abuse.. So Does Anyone still think locking up Boston last Year was a great Idea.... It was over kill and People said nothing and now they are en-brazened...

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Sunday, August 3, 2014



Here’s something that really irritates the Hell out of me, let me know if you agree.

Pick any public person now imagine them saying the following.

“All reasonable People agree that “A” needs to be done at all costs and anyone that thinks different is “B”..

This is the practice of intellectual dishonesty.
And no this is not my “opinion”, this is what it is and that is the practice of leading people to agree with whatever you say.

Statements like the one above, qualifies a “Thing”, frames it into a small defined box, where any dissenter is almost inextricably screwed from voicing any opposing opinion different than the opinion stated.

I am so tired of hearing this type of talk, its bullshit, its dishonest, its things lawyers do and it highly immoral when introduced into a public forum on public topics, that in the end effect/affect a Person Life and path of that Life.

No longer do I generally hear this: “Its mine and many others shared opinion that ‘a” needs to be done at all costs and anyone that disagree or differs from Our opinion, needs to speak up and help Us get to a shared and mutually beneficial end, where all sides are taken into consideration ”….

Now I could have given both statements and asked, which do you like, but I didn’t and why didn’t I, because most people are oblivious to this double speak they hear on a daily basis, but I am not deaf to it.

I hear this trash talking from both sides and it turns my stomach when I hear it and I turn away and move on, because if one side engages in this deceitful speak, then everything else they say is tarnished in my mind. I was raised as a Christian and in that belief system; it stated that the Means of getting to a goal must be as pure as the end result and any of way of getting to that result, be it good or be it bad, the beginning must be good for the end to also be good. For a time even non-Christian people also thought the same way, but these days it seems as if the end totally justifies whatever has to be done in order to reach that goal. Be it destruction of a Person or the wealth of a Nation, to hell with all of those things, it’s only what the end may deliver is what is important.

Think of it this way, the People that hold power today think that the Christmas saying “sorry, it’s the thought that counts” applies to everything they do. Sorry “geniuses” but that saying/sentiment only works for gifts/presents not for the Laws or the administration of and or the implementation of those Laws.

“Well we’ll have to see why it went bad, but remember We’re here doing the work of the American People…a..duh. huhuhuhuhuhuh”…….

Thanks for looking over this “vent”, time to shut down my higher cognitive functions and enter the world again and numb myself to it’s endless muttering of nonsensical rhetoric filled moments.. {Where’s my helmet and ear plugs…}